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Celebrating the hiring of our clinical sales specialists
The Clinical Sales team shares best practices
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Our co-founder and team at work
Taking a free pilates class during lunch

Our Community

When you join Ironwood, you join more than just a company; you join a community of people who share a common goal – making medicines that make a difference for patients. Yet we each bring our own unique experiences, personalities and interests to bear on that goal. And we have fun while we do it – that last part is written into our core values.


We want to improve the lives of patients, and to do that, we have to take care of ourselves. So while we work hard, we also enjoy a free onsite gym and exercise classes. Our kitchen is stocked with healthy food for folks working late, and when times get stressful, we bring in massage therapists. We have treadmill desks for when you need to move, collaboration spaces for when you need to brainstorm, and relaxation rooms for when you just need a break.


Whether you’re into biking, community service or leadership, you’ll find communities of Ironwoodians who share your passion. We use our social intranet to connect with each other: making plans for an early morning row on the Charles River, setting up carpool groups, motivating each other to meet Weight Watchers® goals, and sharing tips to help us be more effective in our work.


We aspire to build a company where every employee feels and acts like an owner, where we all share the responsibility to help the company – our company – succeed. All of Ironwood’s employees are equity holders, which means we are careful stewards of the company's resources, whether making a go/no-go decision on a discovery program or booking travel to a conference. We also take initiative: many of our programs, from our conference rooms named after great drugs, to our participation in the Special Olympics’ Bio-Ball fundraiser, to our alternative transportation benefits, were driven forward by our passionate employees.


How does a pharmaceutical company have fun? We’re serious about trying to improve the lives of patients, but Ironwood was founded by a group of people who enjoyed working together, and we fully believe enjoying our work makes us more effective. So we do stuff like holding a wake to celebrate the death of a molecule: it lets us honor the work that went into the program, and it encourages us to ask tough questions and not fear tough answers. And who doesn’t like cake decorated to look like a peptide?

To learn more, connect with us on Twitter @ironwoodpharma or on LinkedIn.

Ironwood is an equal opportunity employer welcoming diversity in our workforce.

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