We Are Ironwood

Ironwood Pharmaceuticals is a leading gastrointestinal (GI) healthcare company on a mission to advance the treatment of GI diseases and redefine the standard of care for GI patients.

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One in five Americans suffer from GI diseases, resulting in millions of hospital visits and tens of billions in healthcare costs each year.

60 to 70 Million

people affected by all digestive diseases1

48.3 Million

Ambulatory care visits (2010)2–4

21.7 Million

Hospitalizations (2010)5


Thoughtfully Approaching GI Drug Discovery

Through our singular focus on GI and seasoned GI leadership, we have amassed a great understanding of the unique GI patient journey. These learnings and experiences provide a clear path forward for what we need to do to ensure we continue to reach our goals to deliver value for patients.

WORKING AT IRONWOOD PHARMACEUTICALSHere at Ironwood, we strive to innovate with an intention to make a difference in the lives of those who suffer from gastrointestinal diseases.”
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-- Sheetal Clothe, Senior Manager, Formulation Development
WORKING AT IRONWOOD PHARMACEUTICALSI truly believe Ironwood supports innovating meaningfully by creating a culture that involves the collaboration of sharing best practices, challenging each other, and establishing a climate that rewards innovation.”
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-- Anthony Wajda, Regional Sales Manager
WORKING AT IRONWOOD PHARMACEUTICALSWe bring both compassion and science to help improve outcomes for those who need us most. Which in turn will provide them with a better quality of life.”
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-- Christine Brackins, Clinical Sales Specialist, Los Angeles, CA

The Latest From Ironwood

Gut Check

Ironwood has successfully completed the tender offer of VectivBio, a global clinical-stage biotechnology company
pioneering novel, transformational treatments for severe rare gastrointestinal conditions. For more information, click here